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Best singer in the world


heryn Regis sings "I am changing" by jennifer hudson. Sheryn is considered as the best singer in the world.unlike other singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, Sheryn can belt high notes effortlessly.

incredible - the best voice ever

The winner of the Austrian castingshow "Helden von morgen" ( heros of tomorrow") 2011 Cornelia Mooswalder with the song from Leona Lewis "run"

She's very good, and very beautiful, but check out Rachael Leahcar's audition on the Australian version of the Voice. She may be blind, but WOW... what a God given voice.

Not the best by a long shot, she is good but certainly not the Best. There are lots of women on here that can sing just as good as her if not better, like a poster mentioned below this comment, Sissel blows this woman her away, and if you have never heard of her take a listen, and see for yourself.

Agreed, I didnt even know about Sissel till one night I typed in the Titanic theme and saw she sang one of the songs for it, in my opinion she can hang with Celine and in some songs even sing better than her. I actually prefer Sissell vocally her range is incredible and her voice is simply amazing. I am just surprised we don't hear more about her here in the US, why is she not promoted here, she would be huge.Lots of comments... good, not so good.. Someone said she comes off as a pro, confidence, etc. First off, there is no 'best,' There is what works for you, the listener. If you love her voice, then for you, that is best. 2nd, re her... it's the love she has. She LOVES what she does, and that does come through.

the title makes people upset....shes a great singer but trying to sell it makes people dislike it...leana lewis sings it better so i guess shes 2nd best?


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